Julian Whitaker Diet

What is the Julian Whitaker Diet?

Julian Whitaker, MD, the author of the monthly newsletter Health & Healing, which has had a strong influence on more than 2.5 million American households for over the past 19 years. He is also famous for his 13 books including Reversing Diabetes, Reversing Heart Disease, and last but not least The Whitaker Wellness Weight Loss Program.

Dr Whitaker recognized that being overweight is a serious problem in the US and many people have battled against putting on weight. So he developed a weight loss program which helped thousands of patients as well as himself losing weight effectively when they underwent therapy at the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

That is the reason why Dr Whitaker wrote The Whitaker Wellness Weight Loss Program book in order to share successful achievements which are based on true experiences of his patients.

How it Works?

Dr Whitaker recommends five simple rules to reach your goal weights: eating a healthy diet (low fat, low carbohydrate but high in protein); accompanying your body with minerals and vitamins; doing a moderate exercise up to 30 minutes daily; using relaxing techniques and continuance of current medication but the dosage which is taken place by herbs is reduced.

Most people who stick to the plan desire to follow it in long term as they are appealed to its ease of fulfillment and outstanding results of shedding unwanted weight.

The book consists of a three-week meal plan and a variety collection of recipes. There is also a website designed to assist readers such as providing additional support and encouraging feed back through exercise logs, food diaries, calculators and extra recipes.


Exercise is also considered as an important treatment because it improves calories burning and enables the body to build lean muscle, which boost metabolic rate to control your goal weight in long term. A combination of aerobic exercise and stretching is also recommended.


  • Dr Whitaker is a qualified health-practitioner.
  • Encourages the consumption of wholesome foods and foods rich in healthy fats; especially green vegetables which are low in calorie can give you full feeling; so there is no need to worry about hungry suffering.
  • Emphasizes the important of daily moderate exercise.
  • Highlights your awareness of portion size.
  • Easy to follow and stick with the program as a healthy lifestyle.
  • High in protein intake can reduce appetite and help prevent muscle loss while calories restricted.


  • Not suitable for vegetarians as it is a high protein and low fat low carbohydrate diet.
  • Most of Dr Whitaker’s findings which have not been proved by outside research are based on his self-experience.
  • Encourages the use of supplements and herbs that are not generally accepted by the medical community as they can cause more dangerous side effects than drugs.


The Whitaker Wellness Weight Loss program is another low fat, low carbohydrate but high in protein eating regimen in the diet world. It can be an effective method of losing weight; however, the highlight of using herbs may lead to a bigger risk for participants’ health. It would be wise, therefore, to consult your health professionals or nutritionists’ advice.

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